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In the past, people in the neighbourhood assisted each other to meet their needs. But the welfare system today has created clients out of citizens in neighbourhoods; people believe that the external institutions provide better help. Neighbours now think that they are not qualified to support each other. This leads to the isolation of individuals. But people in the community have a wealth of gifts, talents, skills and experience which can be used to meet their needs in even better ways – building the trust among themselves and together, building resilience in the community.

Precious Gems was set up to help develop the known and yet to be discovered gifts and talents of residents, utilizing them to develop themselves and their community.

We achieve these by:

  • Developing projects that are co-owned by the citizens of the community, to encourage participation, growth and prosperity of the community
  • Helping the citizens within the community to help themselves by utilizing their local individual assets, associational assets and local institutional assets to meet local needs
  • Carrying out multi-disciplinary research on factors that can help improve the health and wellbeing of the community and using these findings to advocate policies that will further enhance the capacity of and/or resilience of the citizens
  • Providing training and support for asset based projects led by citizens within the local community.

Our Mission

To develop the capacity of members of our projects and of the wider community in order to improve their welfare, social, economic, environmental, health and emotional prospects; and to support the members of the community to participate fully in the development of their community. We achieve these through asset based community development approach.

Our Vision

To build a stronger, safer, more exciting and more resilient community for all.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Every member in our projects is a Gem to us. It doesn’t matter what the status of the person may be, we believe in people and we value people regardless of their title, age, colour, religion, sexual orientation, disability and tradition. And we believe that they should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Everyone has something to offer in developing our community
  • We believe that if the physical health, financial security, personal security and relationships with friends/family, of an individual is improved, their wellbeing will also improve
  • We strongly believe in collaborations and partnerships because it will enable us to deliver the best to our members